Work Contract Agreement In Qatar

2) The work permit is valid for a period of 2 years if it is issued for the first time and can be renewed for the duration authorized by the residence permit. If you are offered a position that, in the vast majority of cases, takes place in your expatriate country, you will almost certainly sign a contract or at least a creditor. All legal complaints filed by the employee or his heirs in accordance with the provisions of this Act must be reviewed without delay and exempt from legal fees. 1) For workers receiving their wages each year and each month, the notice must be given to the other party at least one month before leaving work, if the duration of the service is not less than 5 years. If the length of service is longer than 5 years, the termination of the employment relationship must take place two months earlier. A worker who has the right to be removed to the place where he or she was hired (with paid travel expenses), as indicated in Section 23 of this Act and with the employer`s consent, may accumulate his annual leave in accordance with the provisions of Section 47. 2) Striking workers are not allowed to enter the workplace except for work purposes. 7. Signing contracts: if the employer has agreed to hire the worker and has processed his entry visa for work, the worker can sign the contract after arriving in Qatar. However, if he refuses to sign the contract, he would be forced to return home, 2) Any unemployed or activity worker has the right to enter his name in one of the employment offices and to obtain a certificate which he has actually registered free of charge in accordance with the rules and regulations in force. 4) If he has not fulfilled his basic obligations under the employment contract and has insisted that he does not comply with the employer`s reasonable instructions with respect to those obligations, despite a written warning to him because of his refusal to follow instructions; 2) Subsequently, the worker may have sick leave without pay until he is able to return to work and perform his duties properly, or to leave his job or terminate his employment for health reasons, in accordance with paragraph 3 below.

6) If he has been convicted by a criminal court of a crime he has committed in the workplace or in the course of his work, he violates acceptable moral and honourable standards; Young people under the age of 15 should not be hired to work in any type of work. You are not allowed to enter the workplace. The employment contract can be written in English, although this is the Arabic version that is officially recognized by the Qatar Ministry of Labour. It is recommended that all working documents be certified by a notary, although they are not mandatory. In addition, contractual conditions may be changed and appropriate precautionary measures should be taken. 1) An employer cannot fine a worker or impose a fine unless the employer has established a list of sanctions and fines approved by the Minister of Labour in a clear place in the workplace. 3) For workers whose employment has been laid off, the employer must keep track of the date of their dismissal and the reasons. All amounts due to the employee or his heirs under the provisions of this Act prevail over the employer`s fixed and personal property. Dismissal must take place at least one month before the date of dismissal for workers employed for 5 years or less, while for workers over 5 years, a two-month period is required.