Warehouse Storage Agreements

11. Temperature or humidity control. Unless explicit written agreement is made, the company is not responsible for storing goods in a temperature or humidity-controlled environment. The customer knowingly accepts that the goods are stored in an environment not controlled by temperature/humidity. The company is not liable for losses or damage to the product as a result of changes in the temperature range or humidity of the warehouse. In addition, the company is not liable for losses or damage to perishable property unless another agreement has been agreed in writing prior to the supply of the goods for storage. one. The customer ensures that the goods are properly labelled, packaged, labelled and classified and suitable for storage and transport. The company does not accept goods that are not properly packaged or that, in the company`s view, are not suitable for transfer or storage within the warehouse. one. The company is not liable for the loss, destruction or damage to the goods, unless that loss, damage or destruction results from the company`s failure to carelessly of the goods, as a reasonably prudent person would do in similar circumstances. The company is not liable for damages that such diligence could not have avoided.

The company and the customer accept that the company`s duty of care, to which it is referred, does not relate to the provision of a sprinkler system in the storage complex or part of it. 3. Ownership of goods. The customer guarantees that he is the rightful owner and/or that he is legally in possession of the goods put up for sale. The customer guarantees that he has the exclusive right to store the proposed products, to release goods and to inform the company of the delivery or sale of the goods. The Customer undertakes to inform all parties who acquire an interest in the merchandise of the terms of this inventory entry and also undertakes to keep the company free of any third-party claims concerning the ownership, storage, handling or supply of goods or other services provided by the Company as part of this inventory entry. This award covers all legal fees or costs arising from a third party`s right, whether a dispute is actually filed or not. 5. End storage. The company reserves the right to end storage and require the removal of the goods or part of it by notifying the customer in writing thirty (30) days in advance. The customer is responsible for the payment of all mark-ups attributable to this goods within the allotted time and the withdrawal of the goods from the warehouse in exchange for payment of all taxes.