Sale Agreement For Land In Kenya

Book the National Control Board (LCB) meeting. The LCB is a forum made up of Assistant County Commissioners (formerly known as DOs) and village elders who meet once a month. They are the ones who give the final agreement for the sale of the land. Their mission is to protect the seller from self-destruction, for example. B, if a man sells land without the woman`s knowledge and they have nowhere to go or if the country sold is a clan or community country. LCB costs Ksh1000. In practice, it is unusual to require a subordination or malfunction agreement, but subordination may be necessary in the case of high-value credit. The tax payable is determined by a government appraiser and the assessment is carried out to determine the actual value of the land on the open market at the time of the transfer. The aim is to determine the value presented in the instruments to determine whether or not the value indicated in the instruments is increased. In addition to reviewing leases, supporters check all headleases, facilities, reserves and restrictive agreements listed in the title.

They also check licenses and licenses, service agreements, evaluation reports and shingle reports. Lawyers also generally check the Ndung`u and Kenya Gazettes report to determine if the property may have been acquired illegally. Depending on the agreement, you can be paid in cash or in increments. Ensure that the deed of ownership and other legal documents are in the custody of lawyers until the first payment. This is due to the fact that the seller still owns the land and may include other transactions with the security that can harm you financially. Once the buyer is satisfied with the search results, as presented by his land registry and business registry lawyers, they then become their lawyer in order to prepare an offer. The lawyer concerned should establish a statement of offer or intent with the information provided by the seller and buyer, the description of the property offered and the proposed purchase price and payment terms. The remedies available to both parties in a sales contract are provided for either by law or by contract.