Western Deans Agreement Uvic

If you would like to participate in UVic as part of this agreement, please read the CUGTA form and contact your home institution`s graduation research office for information and an application form. If your home university is outside of Canada, you are likely to receive immigration documents. Once you have received confirmation of your admission to UVic as a GVRS, contact international Student Services at issinfo@uvic.ca for help. The Western Deans` Agreement was established in 1974 as an expression of cooperation and mutual support between universities offering graduate programs in Western Canada. Their main objective is to enrich each other`s end-of-year programmes at participating universities. Under this agreement, graduates of member institutions can take courses at another member institution without having to pay the host university`s tuition fees. University of Victoria Phone: 250.721.7970 Fax: 250.721.8957 E-mail: fgs@uvic.ca This agreement allows students from a CAGS member university to take courses offered at another member institution to pass the program on to their home institution. Are you a UVic student who wants to take advantage of this agreement? Check UVic`s requirements and application process for outgoing students under the CUGTA. Complete the contract letter. You need signatures from your UVic supervisor and your graduate from your home university. You will also need a signature from the head of the academic unit you will meet during your stay at UVic.

Download this form in your UVic app (see Step 2). To sign up for a PIMS digital course for the Western Deans` agreement, you must obtain the consent of the course manager. Once you have obtained your consent, complete the approval form of Western deans. The completed form must be returned to your study advisor who signs it and takes the necessary steps. For students on PIMS sites, you will find below a list of postgraduate advisors, contacts for other sites can be accessed on the contact page of Western Deans` Agreement . Note that: The Western Deans` Agreement provides an automatic exemption from tuition fees for invited students. Graduates who pay normal tuition fees in their home institution do not pay tuition fees to the host institution. However, students generally have to pay other incidental fees to the host institution (up to $250) or explicitly apply for exemptions (for example. B insurance or travel expenses).

If you would like help filling out the contract form for Western deans, please contact your institution`s graduate advisor. More information about the agreement is available on the Western Deans` Agreement website. If the term you want to apply for is no longer available due to the application deadline, contact Graduate Admissions and Records at garo@uvic.ca. A course in general topology or metric topology. UNIVERSITY OF WINNIPEG Phone: 204.779.8946 Fax: 204.774.4134 Email: ja.reyes@uwinnipeg.ca The University of Saskatchewan Hydrology Centre offers an intensive course on the basics of process-based hydrological modeling, including model development, modeling and model evaluation.