Unifor 2002 Collective Agreement Gtaa

Sign up to participate in the next Unifor elections in 2002 by updating your voter profile… Click here The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) says that on July 25, a new collective agreement was reached with Unifor, representing approximately 1,200 employees at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Unifor Local 2002 represents 5,600 members working in Air Canada`s call centres and airports, managing customer days, customer managers and 300 members as an Air Canada Crew Scheduler. “We are pleased to conclude these negotiations with an agreement that brings economic benefits and sets a new industry standard for our Air Canada CSSA members. The bargaining committee and our members fought and never went to their sponsors when they asked for an agreement that reflected their contributions to the company,” said Euila Leonard, President of Unifor Local in 2002. I would also like to thank Jerry Dias, National President of Unifor, and Scott Doherty, Executive Assistant to the National President of Unifor, for their leadership and commitment to reaching an agreement.¬†Sign up here for the Unifor Local 2002 electronic votingwww.unifor2002.org/Services-Departments/Elections/Update-Your-Voter-Profile also progress in the long-standing campaign for fair wages at the airport level and the end of contract coverage. The new agreement contains a letter of agreement with the GTAA, under which newly competitive contracts must begin at the wage level of the existing contract. This communication is intended to inform all unifor Local members in 2002 that, in accordance with Unifor Local`s statutes, an election will be held in 2002 for the following positions. Salary increases and a new defined benefit pension plan are strengths of a new collective agreement ratified last week by Unifor Local members in 2002 of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA). “Once again, we worked with Unifor to reach a fair agreement that creates stability for GTAA`s unionized employees,” said Howard Eng, President and CEO of GTAA.

“It is our employees who make this airport the best airport in North America. This collective agreement ensures stability and shows that gtAA employees are on board with our common vision. They are committed to serving passengers and working with our airlines and business partners to make it one of the best airports in the world.¬†Unifor Air Canada Bargaining Commission:Tammy Moore – Atlantic Region DuBenoit Lapointe – Eastern RegionFrances Galambosy – Central Region (Chair) Joanne Goulet – Western RegionSteve Murphy – Pacific RegionEuila Leonard – President, Local 2002Theslie Dias – Unifor National Staff Representative Your Air Canada Bargaining CommitteeFrances Galambosy, Central Region, ChairpersonTammy Moore, Atlantic RegionBenoit Lapointe, Eastern RegionJoanne Goulet, Western RegionSteve Murphy, Pacific RegionEuila Leonard, President Unifor 2002 The collective agreement also includes 2 per cent salary increases for each year of the four years that come into effect on August 1.